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The Wrigs


Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 4.5%

Draft: 16 oz – $6.50

Draft: 8 oz – $3.50

Big Wrigs


Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 7.1%

Big brother of The Wrigs. All malt no bite

Draft: 16 oz – $7.50

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Port City Pils (Can Pour)

Dry Hopped Bohemian Pilsner

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 5.5%

Bohemian Pilsner dry hopped with Tripleperle and fermented with Uriel yeast

Bottle: 16 oz – $6.50

Wasted Degrees

Baltic Porter collab w/ Orpheus Brewing

Long BeachBeer Lab | ABV 11.7%

Draft: 10 oz – $9.00

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Mother’s Helper

Imperial Stout w. Maple and Vanilla

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 12%

Draft: 10 oz – $10.00

Draft: 4 oz – $5.00

Dubble Dubs

Belgian Dubble

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 9.7%

Draft: 10 oz – $9.00

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Saison Localvore

BA Tart Saison w/ Customer grown fruit

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.1%

A tart farmhouse ale barrel aged with customer grown fruit

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Milk The Plum (Bottle)

Fruited Sour Farmhouse

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.7%

Our farmhouse ale Milk The Mustache with Chilean Plums and various other barrel blends

Bottle: 17 oz – $14.99

Oud Blue’b (Bottle)

Imperial Dark Sour Porter w/ blueberries, vanilla and lactose

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 9%

Imperial Dark Sour Porter with blueberries, vanilla and milk sugar. Roasted berry goodness.

Bottle: 13 oz – $9.99

Milk The Raspberry (Bottle)

Framboise Style Sour Ale

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 7.2%

Barrel fermented Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Dark Oregon Raspberries

Bottle: 12 oz – $11.99

Pass the Kvassia

Sourdough Ale w/ Raspberries

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 2.8%

Draft: 10 oz – $4.00

Sun Crusher Pale

Pale Ale Dryhopped with Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 5.6%

Draft: 16 oz – $7.50

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Nitro Coffee


Strong Beach Coffee

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Institute of Funk: G-Funk Era

Wild IPA

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.9%

Wild IPA with Massive notes of funk and a touch of citrus. Big cheese and tropical hop.

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Item Menu


Add Serrano for $0.25. Add any other toppings for $0.50 each.


Garlic tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese


Spring Margarita

Roasted garlic tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, kalamata olive and drizzled with oregano oil


Vegan BBQ

House made BBQ sauce, black bean paste, roasted zucchini, sautéed greens, red onion, vegan cheddar and red rocket hot sauce


Farmers Harvest

Roasted fingerling potatoes, radish, kale, fried garlic, and fresh herbs with mozzarella and a bechamel sauce


Wild Mushroom with Ricotta

Wild mushrooms, ricotta cheese, garlic tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese with our house made mustard “caviar”



Roasted balsamic beets, red onions, pickled tomatoes with feta, drizzled with fresh herb oil


Isaac’s Fiesta !

Fresh in house pico de gallo, shredded mozzarella, XXX hot sauce.




House made soft sourdough pretzel served with house made mustard and sour kraut


Hummus Plate

Hummus, Tahini, Spiced Chickpeas and zaatar; served with a sourdough flatbread.

Sourdough Flatbread al le carte $4.00


Fried Onion Rings or Fried Green Beans

Sweet white onion or fermented green beans hand-dipped in sourdough starter and fried to a crisp for your delight; served with house sauce



Moroccan Doughnut

Moroccan Doughnuts tossed in Chinese five spice. Served with chocolate and caramel sauce. Make it vegan by subtracting caramel and chocolate.


Fried Strawberry Pie

Strawberry basil pie pockets fried with a stout reduction, lavender chantilly, hazelnut crumble and strawberry lemon sorbetto



Soup of the Day

Alex’s Lentil Delight


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