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On Tap

The Wrigs


Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 4.5%

Draft: 16 oz – $6.50

Draft: 8 oz – $3.50

Big Wrigs

Helles Bock

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 7.1%

Big brother of The Wrigs. All malt no bite

Draft: 16 oz – $7.50

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Not Your Fathers Amber

Amber IPA

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 5.9%

Crystals amber ipa DDH with Amarillo, Centennial and Chinook

Draft: 16 oz – $7.50

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

LB Haze

New England IPA with kviek yeast

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.5%

Draft: 16 oz – $8.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Nitro Coco Common

Amber Lager W/ Cocoa Nibs, Serranos, habaneros and ghost peppers

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 5.5%

Draft: 16 oz – $7.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.00

Milk The Mustache

Barrel Aged Tart Farmhouse Ale

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.7%

Our flagship tart farmhouse. 100% oak barrel (wine) fermented with our mixed farmhouse culture. Bright citrus and stone fruit notes with signature rustic farmhouse base. Crisp and delicious.

Draft: 10 oz – $6.00

Draft: 4 oz – $3.50

Milk The Plum

Fruited Sour Farmhouse

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.7%

Our farmhouse ale Milk The Mustache with Chilean Plums and various other barrel blends

Draft: 10 oz – $7.50

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Pass the Kvassia

Mosiac Hop Sourdough Ale w/ pineapple and mango

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 2.8%

Draft: 10 oz – $4.00

Draft: 4 oz – $2.00

Oud Blue’b

Imperial Dark Sour Porter w/ blueberries, vanilla and lactose

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 9%

Imperial Dark Sour Porter with blueberries, vanilla and milk sugar. Roasted berry goodness.

Draft: 4 oz – $5.00


Mango Pineapple Smoothie Gose


Draft: 10 oz – $7.00

Draft: 4 oz – $3.50


Dry Hopped Wild Ale

Cellador | ABV 6.4%

El Darado Dry Hopped Barrel Aged Wild Ale

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Murky Minds

Hazy IPA

Wild Barrel Brewing | ABV 7.5%

Draft: 16 oz – $8.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.50

Prince of Dankness


Wild Barrel Brewing | ABV 8.4%

Draft: 16 oz – $8.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.50

Resilience IPA


Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 6.3%

100% of proceeds will go to benefit Sierra Camp Fire Relief Fund

Draft: 16 oz – $8.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.50

Black House

Coffee Stout

Modern Times | ABV 5.8%

Draft: 16 oz – $8.00

Draft: 8 oz – $4.50

Beer Geek: Brunch

Imperial Coffee Stout

Mikkeller | ABV 10.9%

Imperial Stout brewed with coffee

Draft: 10 oz – $9.00

Draft: 4 oz – $4.50

Double Dunk

Imperial Stout W/ Oreos

Prairie Artisan Ales | ABV 11.9%

Draft: 10 oz – $10.00

Draft: 4 oz – $5.00

Christmas BOMB!

Imperial Stout w/ holiday spices

Prairie Artisan Ales | ABV 13%

Fall is bleeding out into chilly nights, and we’re at that time when the seasons start to shift and the spice hits the fan. Cuddle up into that ugly seasonal sweater, grab your best glass, and get ready to welcome Prairie Christmas Bomb! back into your life. Christmas Bomb! is our signature stout spiced with cinnamon,nutmeg, and ginger. It has become a tradition here at Prairie Artisan Ales to produce this seasonal treat. This is our third brew, and as always we’re bringing you a brand new label.

Christmas Bomb! will bring you great comfort and joy in this dark and roasty brew. You’ll find the coffee, ancho chilies, vanilla, and cacao nibs you know and love, but they brought a friend this time. The addition of cinnamon warms this brew evoking the seasonal spirit of spice and cheer.

Prairie Christmas Bomb! is a seasonal favorite that can be found in 12oz bottles and 1/2 and 1/6 Kegs. Shipping started this week and will finish up next week, so get ready start seeing it in stores soon.


Draft: 10 oz – $10.00

Draft: 4 oz – $5.00

Bro obscurite (Lab Rat Only)

Imperial sour stout

Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 15%

(Lab Rat Only)

Draft: 4 oz – $5.00

Kviek Barleywine (Lab Rat Only)


Long Beach Beer Lab | ABV 11.2%

Draft: 4 oz – $4.00

Item Menu


Add Serrano for $0.25. Add any other toppings for $0.50 each.


Garlic Tomato Sauce with Mozzarella Cheese


Pineapple and Bell Peppers

Pineapple and Red peppers with Jalapeno with garlic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Wild Mushroom with Ricotta

Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta cheese, garlic tomato sauce, and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese with our house made mustard “caviar”.



Pesto, roasted zucchini, caramelized onions, sun dried tomato and olives.



Roasted balsamic beets, red onions, pickled tomatoes with feta, drizzled with pesto.


BBQ Mushroom

Mushrooms, purple onions, Swiss cheese, Serrano peppers, house made bbq sauce finished with Parmesan




House made soft sourdough pretzel served with house made mustard and sour kraut


Fried Onion Rings

Sweet white onion hand-dipped in sourdough starter and fried to a crisp for your delight; served with house marinara.


Sourdough Flatbread

Made with house milled pilsner malt flour. Topped with a red and green Zaatar blend and olive oil.


Hummus Plate

Hummus, Tahini, Spiced Chickpeas and zaatar; served with a sourdough flatbread



Moroccan Doughnut

Moroccan Doughnuts tossed in Chinese five spice. Served with chocolate and caramel sauce.


Vegan Doughnut

Fried Vegan Doughnuts tossed in Chinese Five Spice with a drizzle of peach jam.



Comes with sourdough flatbread. Add Parmesan $0.50 / Mozzarella $1.00

Soup of the Day

Tomato Soup Pumpkin lentil


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